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Welcome Fellow Balance Seekers!



My name is Roger Jenkins.  I live in Orange County, California. Thank you for joining me in “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure! Part of what I am trying to accomplish in “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure” is to inspire people to put down the smart phone and get out into nature, to fill your lungs with fresh air, stretch your legs, and at the same time fill your soul.

Not everyone has the freedom to strap on a backpack and climb a mountain, ford a stream, or explore a canyon because of commitments or limitations, no worries because I will take you with me through my pictures, videos, and stories as together we are “Pursuing Balance Through Adventure”. If you can’t lace up your hiking boots then lace up your virtual boots because we are going on Safari!

Adventure awaits!

Roger Jenkins

Pursuing Balance Through Adventure


An Adventurer’s Pursuit of Balance

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