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Annie’s Canyon via North Rio’s Trail San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve

Activity: Day Hike

Date: March 8, 2019

Solana Beach, California, 2 miles, 134’ elevation change, 1 hour duration

San Elijo Lagoon Ecological Reserve is a pleasant walk beside a saltwater marsh area, along a trail filled with lush greenery. It is fairly flat until you venture upon Annie’s Canyon. What a delight working through this little slot canyon. It was so cool, more than I expect with a tight squeeze, twists and turns as you went up. Annie’s Canyon was different then other slot canyons I have been to. It was close quarters, just room for one at a time and it went up in elevation. Others slots I have been in where fairly flat, but this had a bit of a climb. The sign said strenuous, but I would not describe it that way. I with describe it as fun.

This is the entrance to the slot Canyon know as Annie’s Canyon at Solana Beach in San Diego County.

The San Diego area near the beach is always so lush and it is particularly green with all the rain we have had of late.

Just look at that wild hillside lots of greenery.
Wild flowers blooming along the path.
This shows the saltwater marsh in the background looking toward the beach.

Spring is close, beautiful flowers.

I was not expecting this slot canyon to be this cool, winding back and for as it moved up.

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Not sure if you can tell from the picture, but this is going up at a pretty good angle.

This ladder may look rickety, however it was quite securely fastened to the sandstone.

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From the View Point looking out over the top of a portion of Annie’s Canyon.
A couple nice photos looking out over the hillside, the saltwater marsh and Solana Beach.

I was pleasantly surprised by this outing, it was more than I expected and very enjoyable.

‘America Afloat’ USS Midway

USS Midway, San Diego, California ‘America Afloat’. To me this represents the best of America. It represents our resolve, dedication, engineering, and fortitude. This is our history. The USS Midway was named after a battle that was the turning point of World War II in the Pacific. The Midway was longest serving carrier, being commissioned around the end of World War II, and operated during the Korean War, Vietnam and into the 90’s and the Gulf War.




USS Midway
USS Midway one of three carriers in San Diego Bay.
USS Midway top deck viewing fighter
Here I am on the deck of the USS Midway, checking out this sporty little number from yester-year.
Aboard USS Midway
My son Alec and I enjoying a great day aboard ship.
Alec is seated under this A-3. The same type of plane that my Dad few reconnaissance during Vietnam. It was the largest jet that regularly flew off carriers.

USS Midway topdeckChange of Command taking place on USS Midway

USS Midway portside looking forward to the bow.
This shot is taken from the portside looking forward to the bow.

USS Midway, viewing helicopter on the topdeck.

Inside helicopter aboard the USS Midway
Hello Mom, I am in a helicopter

Buckled up aboard helicopter on the USS Midway

Inside fighter jet topside on the USS Midway
Every boys dream…

USS Midway fighter pilot

View of the deck of the USS Midway and Coronado Bridge from the tower.
Looking across the deck of the USS Midway and Coronado Bridge from the tower. That is the Coronado Bridge in the background.
CO’s Chair aboard the USS Midway
In the CO’s chair…
The Bridge of the USS Midway
From the Bridge…
Capt’s chair aboard the USS Midway
Alec tries on the Capt’s chair for size
USS Midway Starboard Side
The starboard side of the USS Midway looking astern.

WWII Veteran aboard USS Midway PosterWWII Veteran aboard USS Midway Pictures

CDR Stan Abele WWII Vet aboard USS Midway
This WWII Veteran is 96 years old, and flying his Corsair shot down a Kamikaze. We shook his hand and thanked him for his service. I mentioned my father was also a Navy Aviator with 30 years in the service of our country. He said, ahh “the Whale”, the nickname for the A-3.
Fighter Jet in the hangar bay of the USS Midway
While on the ship, Alec talked me into climbing in a fighter simulator which not only went up and down, but all around. We did a couple of rolls. Afterwards, the guy said that normally no one is able to shoot down a enemy fighter. Alec shot down 2, (and an additional one during the training.)
Corsair in the hangar bay of the USS Midway
Corsair, same type of plane the WWII Vet flew that we spoke with while on the ship.

Cockpit of aircraft in the hangar of the USS Midway.

Seated in cockpit of aircraft aboard USS Midway
We were able to climb into quite a few of the planes and helicopters.
Below decks of the USS Midway
A carrier is like a floating city housing 4,500 men.
Operations aboard the USS Midway
No!!! Not that button!!!!
The stern of the USS Midway
The End